Find IMEI & device ID

Find IMEI & device ID

Locate the IMEI and device ID number

  1. To access the IMEI & Serial number, from the homescreen, swipe the bottom menu to and tap Settings.
    device 5065/9007139_01.jpg
  2. Tap About.
    device 5065/9007139_02.jpg
  3. Tap Device Information.
    device 5065/9007139_03.jpg
  4. You can view the Phone Number assoicated with the SIM.
    device 5065/9007139_04.jpg
  5. Scroll to view IMEI & Serial number.
    device 5065/9007139_05.jpg
  6. You can also find the IMEI and Serial number on the hardware itself, behind the battery on the device.
    device 5065/9007139_06.jpg

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