Connect to AT&T Network

Connect to AT&T Network

This article describes how to connect to a network.

  1. To connect to the internet, turn on the mobile hotspot by pressing the Power button until the screen lights up.
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  2. Once powered up, the mobile hotspot automatically searches for and connects to the AT&T mobile broadband network.
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  3. To connect your computer or other device to your Wi-Fi network, open the WiFi connection manager of the laptop or tablet (or other WiFi device). Then connect your device to the hotspot with the WiFi name and password.
    Note: The home screen displays the hotspot's Wi-Fi network name and password.  Your Wi-Fi network name will be different than this example.
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  4. When prompted, enter the Wi-Fi network password, as it appears on the mobile hotspot LCD screen.
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  5. When connected, launch your browser to surf the Internet.
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