Secure my device

Secure my device

Lock the device screen, set and change security lock, and locate device.



  1. To set a screen lock, from the homescreen, tap Security.
    device 5065/9007010_01.jpg
  2. Tap Screen Lock.
    device 5065/9007010_02.jpg
  3. Tap the Screen Lock toggle. 
    device 5065/9007010_03.jpg
  4. Enter a four digit passcode, then tap OK.
    device 5065/9007010_04.jpg
  5. Confirm the new passcode, then tap OK. 
    device 5065/9007010_05.jpg
  6. To unlock the device, press the Power button, then tap the lock icon.
    device 5065/9007010_06.jpg
  7. Enter your four digit Passcode.
    device 5065/9007010_07.jpg
  8. If you forget your passcode, enter the an incorrect passcode 10 times to perform a factory reset. Proceeding will erase all of your cutomizations and settings. Tap OK.
    device 5065/9007010_08.jpg

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