Connect WPS devices

Connect WPS devices

Learn how to connect WPS devices.

  1. To connect a WPS device to the hotspot from the homescreen scroll to and tap Settings.
    device 5065/9006400_01.jpg
  2. Tap Wi-Fi.
    device 5065/9006400_02.jpg
  3. Tap WPS.
    device 5065/9006400_03.jpg
  4. If you device supports WPS, connect it to the hotspot by tapping Start WPS.
    device 5065/9006400_04.jpg
  5. Select the WPS button on the device you are trying to connect to pair with your hotspot.
    device 5065/9006400_05.jpg
  6. If your device supports WPS, connect it to the hotspot by selecting WPS for Main Wi-Fi or WPS for Guest Wi-Fi instead of entering the Wi-Fi password.
    device 5065/9006400_06.jpg
  7. Once connected a success box will appear, tap OK.
    device 5065/9006400_07.jpg

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