Access AT&T Wi-Fi manager

Access AT&T Wi-Fi manager

This article goes over how to access Unite Manager.



  1. To access AT&T Wi-Fi manager, connect your device to the mobile hotspot Wi-Fi network.
    device 5065/9006660_01.jpg
  2. In the browser of the device connected to the mobile hotspot, enter one of the two options in the web address field: http://attwifimanager/ or
    Note: Link will only work if you are on a device connected to the mobile hotspot.
    device 5065/9006660_02.jpg
  3. Tap Go or hit the Return key.
    device 5065/9006660_03.jpg
  4. Enter the Admin Login Password, then tap Sign In.
    Note: The default Admin Login Password is "attadmin". If you have changed and forgotten your Admin Login Password, you can perform a factory reset to change the Admin Login Password back to "attadmin". To perform a factory reset, on the mobile hotspot, tap Settings > About > Factory Reset > Factory Reset > OK. 
    device 5065/9006660_04.jpg
  5. Adjust and view settings as desired.
    device 5065/9006660_05.jpg

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