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Transfer media to & from a computer

Transfer media to & from a computer

Transfer files to or from your device and a computer.

  1. Files can be transferred to and from the device using Bluetooth. Bluetooth must be turned on.
    Note: For how to set up Bluetooth, see Backup and restore with computer.
    device 5055/9006164_01.jpg
  2. On your PC or Mac, select the Bluetooth icon.
    device 5055/9006164_02.jpg
  3. To send media to the device, select Send file to device/Send a File.
    device 5055/9006164_03.jpg
  4. Select the desired media.
    device 5055/9006164_04.jpg
  5. Click Send.
    device 5055/9006164_05.jpg
  6. A notification will appear on the device when the transfer is complete.
    device 5055/9006164_06.jpg
  7. To transfer media from the device, select Browse files on device/Receive a file.
    device 5055/9006164_07.jpg
  8. Select the desired media.
    device 5055/9006164_08.jpg

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