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Add, view, delete, and customize contacts by adding a picture or ringtone.



  1. To add a contact, within the Contacts application scroll down to New Contact and press OK.
    device 5055/9006144_06.jpg
  2. Enter desired options, then press Save.
    device 5055/9006144_07.jpg
  3. To add a photo to a contact select contact and press the View key.
    device 5055/9006144_08.jpg
  4. Then press Edit.
    device 5055/9006144_09.jpg
  5. Navigate down, until Picture is selected, and press List.
    device 5055/9006144_10.jpg
  6. Then select which option is suited for your needs.
    device 5055/9006144_11.jpg
  7. To add a ringtone to a contact, navigate down unitl Ringtone is selected.
    device 5055/9006144_12.jpg
  8. The select which option suits your needs.
    device 5055/9006144_13.jpg
  9. To search for a contact start typing the contacts name you wish to locate using your keypad.
    device 5055/9006144_14.jpg
  10. To edit a contact, select the contact and after pressing View, then select Edit.
    device 5055/9006144_15.jpg
  11. To delete a contact, select a contact and after pressing Options, press Delete.
    device 5055/9006144_16.jpg

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