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Send & Receive Messages

Send & Receive Messages

Create and respond to text (SMS) or picture (MMS) messages, add, save, and view received attachments and more.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Apps icon.
    device 5071/9006152_01.jpg
  2. Tap the AT&T messages icon.
    device 5071/9006152_02.jpg
  3. To compose a new message, from the inbox, tap the New Message icon.
    device 5071/9006152_03.jpg
  4. Enter the contact, and then tap the Message field.
    device 5071/9006152_04.jpg
  5. Enter the desired message. To add an attachment, tap the Plus icon and follow the on-screen prompts to navigate to the desired file.
    device 5071/9006152_05.jpg
  6. Tap the Send icon.
    device 5071/9006152_06.jpg
  7. To read a new message, from the inbox, tap the Desired message thread.
    device 5071/9006152_07.jpg
  8. To save an attachment, tap and hold on the desired attachment, then tap Download.
    Note: To view the saved attachment, from the home screen tap Apps Icon > File Manager.
    device 5071/9006152_08.jpg
  9. To forward a message from the desired message thread, tap and hold the Desired message, then tap Forward.
    device 5071/9006152_09.jpg
  10. To delete a message, tap and hold on the desired message. Then tap Delete.
    device 5071/9006152_10.jpg
  11. To confirm, tap Delete again.
    device 5071/9006152_11.jpg
  12. To delete a message thread, from the messaging page, tap the Menu icon, then tap Delete Conversations...
    device 5071/9006152_12.jpg
  13. Tap the desired conversations, then tap Delete.
    device 5071/9006152_13.jpg
  14. To confirm, tap Delete again.
    device 5071/9006152_14.jpg

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