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Add an overlay on your phone's display for easy multitasking

  1. QSlide allows maximum on-screen multitasking with the simultaneous use of up to three apps. To turn on QSlide, from any screen, touch and drag down from the Notification bar.
    device 5071/9006313_02.jpg
  2. Tap QSlide.
    device 5071/9006313_03.jpg
  3. Tap the desired QSlide app.
    device 5071/9006313_04.jpg
  4. To resize the app window, touch and drag the lower right corner of the window to the desired size.
    device 5071/9006313_05.jpg
  5. To adjust transparency, touch and drag the Transparency slider to the desired level.
    device 5071/9006313_06.jpg
  6. To close an app window, tap the Close icon.
    device 5071/9006313_07.jpg

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