Use NFC to share content such as photos and contacts between compatible devices.

  1. NFC is a wireless technology that allows your device to communicate by touching, or being in close proximity to, other NFC devices or tags. To open NFC, swipe down from the notification bar, then tap All settings.
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  2. Tap Devices.
    device 5090/9006139_02.jpg
  3. Tap NFC.
    device 5090/9006139_03.jpg
  4. Tap the NFC toggle to turn NFC On/Off.
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  5. To send an image via NFC, from the Start Screen, tap the Photos tile.
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  6. Tap the Desired image.
    device 5090/9006139_06.jpg
  7. Tap the Share icon.
    device 5090/9006139_07.jpg
  8. Tap Tap to share (NFC).
    device 5090/9006139_08.jpg
  9. Hold the device Against the back of another NFC-enabled device.
    device 5007/9006139_10.jpg
  10. On the second device, tap Accept.
    device 5007/9006139_11.jpg
  11. Your transfer is now complete.
    device 5007/9006139_12.jpg
  12. To turn NFC off, tap the Tap to share toggle.
    device 5090/9006139_12.jpg

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