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Take a Picture or Video

Take a Picture or Video

Take a screenshot, edit a picture or video, use the front and rear camera, and switch between camera and video modes.

  1. To access the Camera feature from the Home screen, select the Camera icon.
    Note: You can also access the Camera from the lock screen, by swiping the Camera icon up.
    device 5107/9006163_01.jpg
  2. To switch between front and rear camera select the Camera switch icon.
    device 5107/9006163_02.jpg
  3. To focus, select an area of the screen you would like to focus on.
    device 5107/9006163_03.jpg
  4. To take a photo, select the Camera shutter icon.
    device 5107/9006163_04.jpg
  5. To zoom in or out, pinch your fingers together or apart.
    device 5107/9006163_05.jpg
  6. To switch camera modes, select the MODE icon.
    device 5107/9006163_06.jpg
  7. Here you can select different camera modes, select the MODE you desire.
    device 5107/9006163_07.jpg
  8. To choose a camera effect, select the Settings icon.
    device 5107/9006163_08.jpg
  9. Select Effects.
    device 5107/9006163_09.jpg
  10. Select the desired effect.
    device 5107/9006163_10.jpg
  11. To capture video, select the Video icon.
    Note: To capture a photo during video mode, select the Camera shutter icon.
    device 5107/9006163_11.jpg
  12. To take a photo while recording, select the Camera icon.
    device 5107/9006163_12.jpg
  13. While recording video, you can pause your recording by selecting the Pause icon.
    device 5107/9006163_13.jpg
  14. Select Resume to continue recording.
    device 5107/9006163_14.jpg
  15. When you are finished recording video, select the Stop icon and your video will automatically save to your device.
    device 5107/9006163_15.jpg
  16. Select the Image icon to see your photos and videos.
    Note: To edit photos or videos in your album, select the Editor icon.
    device 5107/9006163_16.jpg
  17. This device has a 2.1MP front-facing and 8MP rear-facing camera. The video recorder records QHD (2560x1440) at 30fps for up to 300 seconds and FHD for up to 3600 seconds. The file size limit is 4GB.
    Note: To take a screen shot, press and hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time until you hear the camera shutter sound and a short flashing animation. To view captured screen shots select the Gallery or Photos app.
    device 5107/9006163_17.jpg

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