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Access the calendar and manage events.

  1. From the home screen, select Calendar.
    device 5107/9006143_01.jpg
  2. To change the calendar view, select the Desired option.
    device 5107/9006143_02.jpg
  3. To create a new event, select the Add icon.
    Note: You may also select and hold a date.
    device 5107/9006143_03.jpg
  4. Edit the event details as desired, then select DONE when finished.
    device 5107/9006143_12.jpg
  5. To edit or delete an event, select the Desired event.
    Note: You can only edit or delete events you have created.
    device 5107/9006143_13.jpg
  6. To edit the event, select the Edit icon.
    device 5107/9006143_14.jpg
  7. To share the event, select the More icon
    device 5107/9006143_15.jpg
  8. Select Share via.
    device 5107/9006143_16.jpg
  9. Select the desired Sharing method.
    device 5107/9006143_17.jpg
  10. To delete the event, select the Desired event then select the More icon. Select Delete.
    device 5107/9006143_18.jpg
  11. Select DELETE.
    device 5107/9006143_19.jpg
  12. When a calendar event is approaching, the Event icon will display in the Notification bar.
    device 5107/9006143_20.jpg

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