Share screens, data, and files between Samsung tablets and phones.

  1. SideSync allows screens, windows, and data to be shared easily between a PC or Mac and Samsung Android Device. From the home screen select the Samsung Folder.
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  2. Select the SideSync icon.
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  3. Select UPDATE.
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  4. Review app permissions then select ACCEPT or DECLINE.
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  5. To give SideSync permission to access device, select ALLOW 
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  6. Select START.
    Note: Make sure the computer or tablet you are connecting to has Wi-Fi on and is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device.
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  7. Open SideSync on the computer or smart device you are connecting. Make sure both devices are on the same WiFi network.
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  8. The desired device will appear on your tablet. Select the desired device from the WiFi menu.
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  9. Once connected, the phone screen sharing mode should activate and you should be able to see your phone screen on your computer or smart device.
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  10. Using your PC or Mac keyboard and mouse you can navigate and access your tablet through your computer. Click with your mouse to select apps and use your keyboard to type.
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  11. To enter keyboard and mouse sharing mode, select MORE from the SideSync computer window.
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  12. Select Enable Keyboard and mouse sharing.
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  13. Select OK.
    device 5107/9006228_13.jpg
  14. To share the keyboard and mouse, move the mouse cursor off the side of the desktop screen so the keyboard and mouse input will transfer to your mobile device.
    device 5107/9006228_14.jpg
  15. The cursor will appear on your device so that you can control it with the mouse and keyboard without touching the device screen. If you want to operate a PC again, move the cursor to the PC monitor and use a PC as usual.
    device 5107/9006228_15.jpg
  16. To synchronize your PC and your smart device you can drag and drop files between the two devices easily and quickly. Simply select the file you want to transfer and drag and drop to or from your devices.
    device 5107/9006228_16.jpg
  17. The file will appear in your device.
    device 5107/9006228_17.jpg

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