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Set Up Email

Add your email account to sync email, contacts, calendar, and notes to your device.

  1. From the home screen, select the Google Folder.
    Note: To add an additional email account if one is already configured, from the home screen, swipe down the Notification bar with 2 fingers > select the Settings icon > Accounts > Add account > follow the prompts.
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  2. Select the Gmail icon.
    device 5132/9007008_02.jpg
  3. Select GOT IT.
    device 5132/9007008_03.jpg
  4. Select Add an email address.
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  5. Select the Desired email type. Then select NEXT.
    Note: To manually configure email settings (such as server settings and security type), select Exchange > enter your email address > MANUAL SETUP. You will need your account's server settings. If you don't know this information, please contact your email provider for assistance.
    device 5132/9007008_05.jpg
  6. Enter your Gmail address, then select NEXT.
    device 5132/9007008_06.jpg
  7. Enter your Password, then select NEXT.
    device 5132/9007008_07.jpg
  8. Select ACCEPT.
    device 5132/9007008_08.jpg
  9. Review the Google Services prompt, check the Checkbox if desired, then select NEXT.
    Note: If your corporate server requires remote security administration, select Activate this device administrator to set up security features.
    device 5132/9007008_09.jpg
  10. Select TAKE ME TO GMAIL to continue to your account. To add another email account, select Add another email address and follow the prompts.
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