Software Version

Software Version

Determine your current device software version and check for updates.

  1. To view your software version, from the home screen, select the Settings icon.
    Note: The images and steps in this tutorial reflect the latest software version (Android 7.0). For more information on the latest update available for your device, check
    device 5137/9007013_01.jpg
  2. Scroll to and select About tablet. Select Software info.
    device 5137/9007013_02.jpg
  3. Here you can view the Android version, Software version, and Baseband version.
    device 5137/9007013_03.jpg
  4. To check for software updates, from the About tablet screen select Software Update.
    device 5137/9007013_04.jpg
  5. Select Update now.
    Note: If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to perform the update. If an update is not available, select OK.
    device 5137/9007013_05.jpg

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