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Create memos and capture screen shots during a call, with a saved picture, or from most phone screens.

  1. The Capture+ feature allows you to write or draw on almost every screen, and schedule memos to appear at certain times. Swipe down the Notification bar and select the Capture+ icon.
    device 5137/9007142_01.jpg
  2. DRAW WITH THE PENCIL TOOL: Select the Pencil icon to draw on the screenshot as you desire. To change the size, transparency, or color of the pencil select the Pencil icon a second time.
    Note: The color you select will appear in the circle around the Pencil icon.
    device 5137/9007142_02.jpg
  3. EDIT MEMO WITH THE ERASE TOOL: Select the Eraser icon. To change the size of the eraser, select the Eraser icon a second time. Drag the slider to adjust eraser size as desired. Select Clear all to erase all edits.
    device 5137/9007142_03.jpg
  4. EDIT MEMO WITH THE CUT TOOL:, select the Cut icon. To change the shape of the cutting tool, select the Cut icon a second time. 
    device 5137/9007142_04.jpg
  5. UNDO/REDO EDITS: Select the Undo or Redo icons to undo/redo any edits or changes to the memo layout.
    device 5137/9007142_05.jpg
  6. SHARE A MEMO: Select the Menu icon then select Share.
    device 5137/9007142_06.jpg
  7. ADD TEXT: Select Text to enter a memo below the screenshot using the keyboard.
    Note: If prompted, select AGREE.
    device 5137/9007142_07.jpg
  8. Make sure the Text icon is selected, then type the desired memo.
    device 5137/9007142_08.jpg
  9. CHANGE BACKGROUND: Select the Menu icon then select Paper style to write on a blank screen instead of a screenshot.
    device 5137/9007142_09.jpg
  10. Select the background color then select OK.
    device 5137/9007142_10.jpg
  11. SAVE A MEMO: Select the Check icon then select desired location to save.
    device 5137/9007142_11.jpg

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