Available Memory

Available Memory

Check the available device storage and free up space.

  1. VIEW AVAILABLE MEMORY: Select the Settings icon from the home screen.
    Note: This device is available with 32GB of internal memory and the option to add a MicroSD card (sold separately) up to 128GB.
    device 5137/9006180_01.jpg
  2. Select Storage.
    device 5137/9006180_04.jpg
  3. Available internal storage will be listed under DEVICE STORAGE. Available memory card space will be listed under PORTABLE STORAGE.
    device 5137/9006180_05.jpg
  4. FREE UP MEMORY: Select Internal storage and delete unwanted ImagesAudio and Videos by selecting the desired field.
    Note: For this demo Images was selected.
    device 5137/9006180_06.jpg
  5. Select and hold a photo, then select the desired photos you wish to delete. Select the Delete icon, then select OK to confirm.
    device 5137/9006180_07.jpg
  6. DELETE TEMPORARY FILES: To quickly delete temporary files, select Smart cleaning then select Temporary files.
    device 5137/9006180_02.jpg
  7. Select DELETE. You will be prompted to select DELETE again to confirm.
    device 5137/9006180_03.jpg
  8. UNINSTALL UNUSED APPS: From the home screen select and hold the desired  app you would like to uninstall. Drag the app to Uninstall at the top of the screen. You will be prompted to select UNINSTALL to confirm.
    Note: Some pre-installed applications cannot be uninstalled from the device but can be disabled. Some applications must remain enabled on the device.Downloaded applications can be re-installed through the Google Play Store. To re-enable a pre-loaded application, go to Settings > Apps > select the desired app > select ENABLE.
    device 5137/9006180_08.jpg
  9. CLEAR APP DATA: From the home screen select the Settings icon > Apps > desired app > Storage > Clear data or Clear cache. Select OK to confirm.
    device 5137/9006180_09.jpg
  10. ADDITIONAL STORAGE: Use a cloud storage app, such as Google Drive, to leave more space free on your phone. You can also download cloud storage apps via the Play Store.
    device 5137/9007001_01.jpg

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