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Voice Control

Use voice commands to control your device and access voice control settings.

  1. To access Voice Control, from home screen select the Microphone icon in the Google search bar, or say "OK Google".
    device 5137/9006158_01.jpg
  2. When "Listening..." is present onscreen, speak what you would like to search for and Google will begin the search.
    Note: You can use your voice to do things like search, get directions, create reminders, identify a song, send a text message, and call a friend. For example, say "Ok Google, do I need an umbrella tomorrow" to see if there's rain in the weather forecast.
    device 5137/9006158_02.jpg
  3. To change voice command settings, select the Menu icon, then select Settings.
    device 5137/9006158_03.jpg
  4. Select Voice.
    device 5137/9006158_04.jpg
  5. Adjust settings as desired.
    Note: Select Languages to set the default language.
    device 5137/9006158_05.jpg

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