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Camera Modes

Camera Modes

Learn what camera modes are available on your device.

  1. From the home screen, select the Camera app.
    device 5231/9007143_01.jpg
  2. ACCESS CAMERA MODES: Select the MODE icon.
    device 5231/9007143_02.jpg
  3. ENABLE AUTO MODE: Select Auto.
    Note: Your camera has two main photo modes. Auto mode allows you to apply commonly-used settings for your photos and videos.
    device 5231/9007143_03.jpg
  4. ENABLE FLASH JUMP-CUT: Select Flash Jump-Cut.
    Note: Flash Jump-Cut mode will take photos in 3 second increments, then save them as a GIF file.
    device 5231/9007143_04.jpg
  5. ENABLE PORTRAIT MODE: Select the Switch camera icon to switch to the selfie camera, then select Portrait.
    Note: Portrait mode allows you to blur the background of a selfie.  Select and drag the Portrait slider to adjust as desired.
    device 5231/9007143_05.jpg

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