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QSlide allows you to multitask efficiently with the ability to open two additional windows over your main screen, and adjust their window size and transparency.

  1. ACCESS QSLIDE: From the home screen, select an app that is supported by QSlide.
    Note: QSlide appears in Calendar, Phone, Contacts, Email, File manager, Quick memo, and Contacts. For this tutorial, Calendar was selected.
    device 5231/9006313_01.jpg
  2. Select the Menu icon, then select QSlide.
    device 5231/9006313_02.jpg
  3. QSlide will then appear on your homescreen.
    device 5231/9006313_03.jpg
  4. RESIZE APP WINDOW: Select and drag the lower right corner of the window to the desired size.
    device 5231/9006313_04.jpg
  5. ADJUST TRANSPARENCY: Select and drag the Transparency slider to the desired level.
    device 5231/9006313_05.jpg
  6. RETURN TO FULL SCREEN MODE: Select the full screen icon.
    device 5231/9006313_06.jpg
  7. CLOSE AN APP WINDOW: Select the Close icon.
    device 5231/9006313_07.jpg

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