Browse the Web

Browse the web, use browser tabs and bookmarks, and access browser settings to clear history, manage pop-ups, and more.

  1. ACCESS BROWSER: From the home screen, select the Chrome app.
    Note: If prompted, review permissions and if you agree select Accept. Apps built for Android 6.0 or later will ask for permissions once you start using them.
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  2. NAVIGATE TO A WEBSITE: Enter the desired website in the Search field, then select the Go key.
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  3. BOOKMARK A SITE: Select the Menu icon, then select the Bookmark icon.
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  4. Bookmarked will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select EDIT to edit bookmark preferences.
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  5. ACCESS BOOKMARKS: Select the Menu icon, then select Bookmarks. Select the desired bookmark.
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  6. ACCESS BROWSER TABS: Select the Tabs icon.
    Note: The number on the browser tab indicates the number of open tabs.
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  7. OPEN A NEW TAB: Select the Add icon.
    Note: Use Incognito tabs if you don't want the Browser to save a record of what you visit and download. Browser history, cookies, and search history will be deleted after you've closed all of your Incognito tabs. From the Tabs screen, select the Menu icon then select New incognito tab.
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  8. CLOSE A TAB: Select the X icon on the desired tab window.
    Note: To close all tabs besides the one you are viewing, select the Menu icon then select Close all tabs.
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  9. ACCESS BROWSER SETTINGS: Access browser settings for options like clearing history, blocking/unblocking pop-ups, adjusting text size and setting the default home page. From the browser, select the Menu icon then scroll and select Settings.
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