Available Memory

Check the available device storage.

  1. VIEW AVAILABLE MEMORY: Swipe down from the Notification bar, then select the Settings icon.
    Note: This device is available with approximately 7.13GB of usable internal memory and the option to add a MicroSD card up to 64GB. MicroSD cards are sold separately.
    device 5168/9006180_01.jpg
  2. Select Storage.
    device 5168/9006180_02.jpg
  3. Available Device storage and Portable storage memory space will be listed.
    device 5168/9006180_03.jpg
  4. FREE UP MEMORY: From the home screen, select the Apps tray.
    device 5168/9006180_04.jpg
  5. Select the File Manager app.
    device 5168/9006180_05.jpg
  6. From the File Manager app, select the LOCAL TAB then select the desired storage location.
    Note: From the desired storage location, navigate to and select the desired content > Delete icon > OK.
    device 5168/9006180_06.jpg
  7. REMOVE UNUSED APPS: From the Settings screen, select Apps.
    device 5168/9006180_07.jpg
  8. Select the desired app.
    device 5168/9006180_08.jpg
  9. Select UNINSTALL.
    device 5168/9006180_09.jpg
  10. CLEAR APP DATA: From the App info screen, select Storage.
    device 5168/9006180_10.jpg
  11. Select CLEAR DATA.
    Note: You will be prompted to select OK to confirm.
    device 5168/9006180_11.jpg
  12. ADDITIONAL STORAGE: For more device storage, download a cloud storage app from the Play Store app.
    Note: You can also purchase an SD memory card to expand your device memory.
    device 5168/9006180_12.jpg

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