Call Features

Learn what features are available while on an active call.

Prenote info
While on an active call, the Phone icon will display in the Notification bar of the paired device.
  1. ANSWER INCOMING CALL: Select and drag the Answer call icon to the right or rotate the bezel clockwise. 
    Note: To learn about calling or using your device in other countries, visit the AT&T International website.
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  2. REJECT INCOMING CALL: Select and drag the Decline call icon to the left or rotate the bezel counter-clockwise. 
    device 5235/9007248_03.jpg
  3. ACCESS KEYPAD: Select the Menu icon, then select the Keypad icon.
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  4. RETURN TO CALL SCREEN: Press the Back button.
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  5. SWITCH DEVICES WHILE ON A CALL: Select the Phone icon.
    device 5235/9007248_06.jpg
  6. MUTE/UNMUTE CALL: Select the Mute icon.
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  7. TURN ON/OFF SPEAKERPHONE: Select the Speakerphone icon.
    device 5235/9007248_08.jpg
  8. ADJUST IN-CALL VOLUME: Rotate the bezel clockwise to increase volume and counter-clockwise to decrease volume.
    device 5235/9007248_09.jpg
  9. END CALL: Select the End call icon.
    device 5235/9007248_10.jpg

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