Activate your Watch

Activate your Watch

Learn how to activate your device using Bluetooth, QR Code, and NumberSync.

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This tutorial covers the cellular setup activation process for devices that have already completed the initial setup process, but did not complete cellular activation via a QR Activation Code. If you have not completed the initial setup process, see Getting Started.

1. TURN ON BLUETOOTH: From the clock screen, press the Power/Home button.

2. Rotate the bezel to and select the Settings app.

3. Scroll to and select Connections.

4. Select Bluetooth.

5. Select the Bluetooth switch to turn Bluetooth on.

Note: To optimize battery life, turn Bluetooth off when not in use.

6. When Bluetooth is on, the Bluetooth icon will display in the Moments bar.

7. SCAN FOR BLUETOOTH DEVICES: From the Settings screen, select Connections > Bluetooth > BT headset.

Note: Bluetooth will automatically scan for devices.

8. SET UP MOBILE NETWORK WITH QR CODE: On your Samsung Phone, swipe up or down on the home screen to access the Apps tray > Samsung folder > Galaxy Wearable app.

Note: To install the Galaxy Wearable app, from the home screen select the Play Store app > search for Galaxy Wearable > INSTALL > ACCEPT > OPEN.

9. Select the SETTINGS tab, then scroll to and select Mobile networks.

10. Select Use code.

Note: Your devices must be paired in order to set up a mobile network.

11. Point the camera at the QR code to scan it. 

12. Select CONNECT.

13. Select DONE. Your watch will restart. Mobile network set up is complete. 

14. SET UP NUMBERSYNC: When the device is connected to an AT&T Cellular Network, you will be prompted on install AT&T subscriber specific features. Review the prompt, then select INSTALL.

Note: The device will take a moment to restart and install.

15. From the clock screen press the Power/Home button then rotate the bezel to and select the Settings icon.

16. Rotate the bezel to and select Connections, then rotate the bezel to and select AT&T NumberSync.

Note: In order to setup NumberSync, you will need to have an ATT ID and password to sync your watch to your phone. Click here to create one.

17. Select Get started, then select the Checkmark icon.

18. From your paired device, enter your AT&T User ID and Password then select Log in.

19. You will receive a 5-digit code on the watch. Enter the 5-digit sync code from the watch > select the I accept the Terms & Conditions checkbox > Sync.

20. Your watch will be listed under Synced watches.

Note: To unsync your watch, select the On switch.

21. When sync is complete, select DONE on the watch.

22. NumberSync is ready for use. When your Galaxy Watch is successfully synced with your mobile network, the network will be displayed in the Moments bar.

Note: To turn NumberSync off, from the Galaxy Wearable app, scroll to and select Mobile networks then select Remove.

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