PPT Controller

Learn how to use PPT controller on the watch to manage a slideshow.

  1. ACCESS PPT CONTROLLER: From the clock screen, press the Power/Home button. Rotate the bezel to and select the PPT Controller app
    device 5235/9007207_01.jpg
  2. Select CONNECT
    device 5235/9007207_02.jpg
  3. Select the Checkmark icon to pair the watch to your computer
    device 5235/9007207_03.jpg
  4. USE PPT CONTROLLER: Select the Arrow icons to scroll through slides. 
    device 5235/9007207_04.jpg
  5. Select TOUCHPAD to use your watch screen as a cursor.
    device 5235/9007207_05.jpg
  6. ACCESS SETTINGS: Select the Menu icon. Adjust settings as desired. 
    device 5235/9007207_06.jpg

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