Backup & Restore Device
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Backup & Restore Device

This tutorial shows how to backup and restore the device.

  1. From the paired device, select the Galaxy Wearable app.
    Note: To access the Galaxy Wearable app, swipe up or down from the home screen to access the Apps tray > select the Samsung folder > Galaxy Wearable app.
    device 5235/9006941_01.jpg
  2. Select the SETTINGS tab, then scroll to and select About watch.
    device 5235/9006941_02.jpg
  3. Select Back up and restore.
    device 5235/9006941_03.jpg
  4. Select Backup settings.
    Note: This feature allows you to back up your Gear settings (except Remote connection, Auto lock and Text templates).
    device 5235/9006941_04.jpg

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