User Accounts
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User Accounts

Create and manage separate user accounts for your device.



  1. CREATE A NEW USER: Swipe down from the Notification bar, then select the Users icon.
    device 5196/9006243_01.jpg
  2. Select Add user.
    device 5196/9006243_02.jpg
  3. Review the Add user prompt, then select OK. Follow the prompts to setup and personalize your user profile.
    device 5196/9006243_03.jpg
  4. SWITCH USERS: From the user menu, select the desired User.
    device 5196/9006243_04.jpg
  5. DELETE A USER: From the User menu, select DETAILS.
    device 5196/9006243_05.jpg
  6. Select the Settings icon next to the user you wish to delete.
    device 5196/9006243_06.jpg
  7. Select Delete user.
    Note: You will be prompted to select DELETE to confirm.
    device 5196/9006243_07.jpg
  8. ADD A RESTRICTED PROFILE: From the Users screen in the Settings app, select Add user or profile then select User (restricted profile)
    device 5196/9006243_08.jpg

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