Learn & Customize the Home Screen
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Learn & Customize the Home Screen

Add shortcuts and widgets, access the notification panel, changing wallpaper, and more.



  1. CHANGE WALLPAPER: Select and hold any empty space on the home screen, then select Wallpapers.
    device 5196/9006104_01.jpg
  2. Select the desired wallpaper, then select the desired wallpaper placement.
    device 5196/9006104_02.jpg
  3. ADD A WIDGET: Select and hold any empty space on the home screen, then select Widgets.
    device 5196/9006104_03.jpg
  4.  Select the desired Widget.
    device 5196/9006104_04.jpg
  5. SET PRIMARY HOME SCREEN PANEL: Select and hold any empty space on the home screen. 
    device 5196/9006104_05.jpg
  6. Swipe left or right to the desired panel, then select the Home icon to set the primary home screen.
    device 5196/9006104_06.jpg
  7. REARRANGE HOME SCREEN PANEL ORDER: Select and drag the desired panel to the desired location.
    device 5196/9006104_07.jpg
  8. ADD A PANEL: Swipe to and select the Add panel icon.
    device 5196/9006104_08.jpg
  9. REMOVE A PANEL: Select and hold the desired panel, then select the Delete icon. Select DELETE
    device 5196/9006104_09.jpg
  10. ADD AN APP TO THE HOME SCREEN: From the home screen, swipe up or down to access the Apps tray.
    device 5196/9006104_10.jpg
  11. Select and drag the desired app to the top of the screen, then drag the app to the desired location on the home screen.
    device 5196/9006104_11.jpg
  12. CREATE/REMOVE A FOLDER: Select and drag the desired app on top of another desired app. A new folder will automatically be created.
    Note: To remove a folder, from the desired folder select and drag all of the apps out of the folder. The folder will automatically be deleted.
    device 5196/9006104_12.jpg

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