View, call and message contacts.

  1. ACCESS CONTACTS: Press the Power/Home button. Rotate the bezel to and select the Contacts app.
    Note: You can also access Contacts via the Phone app. Rotate the bezel to and select the Phone app, then select the Contacts icon. You can only view contacts that are synced from your companion device.
    device 5211/9006144_01.jpg
  2. Rotate the bezel to and select the desired contact to view contact details. 
    device 5211/9006144_02.jpg
  3. To call the contact, select the Call icon. To send a message, select the Message icon.
    device 5211/9006144_03.jpg
  4. EDIT A CONTACT: From the Contacts app on the paired device, select the desired contact then select Details. Select EDIT.
    device 5211/9006144_04.jpg
  5. Edit the contact information as desired, then select SAVE.
    device 5211/9006144_05.jpg
  6. ADD PICTURE TO A CONTACT: From the edit screen for the desired contact, select the Picture icon > Gallery icon > crop as desired > DONE > SAVE.
    device 5211/9006144_06.jpg
  7. ADD A RINGTONE: From the edit screen for the desired contact, select View more > Ringtone > desired ringtone > Back icon when finished.
    device 5211/9006144_07.jpg
  8. Select SAVE to save your edits.
    device 5211/9006144_08.jpg
  9. DELETE A CONTACT: Select and hold the desired contact from the Contacts screen, then select DELETE. Select DELETE again to confirm.
    device 5211/9006144_09.jpg
  10. BACKUP CONTACTS: Select the Menu icon from the contacts screen > Manage contacts > Import/export contacts > follow the prompts.
    device 5211/9006144_10.jpg

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