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Dura Grid

Learn how to access and edit Dura Grid.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access Dura Grid
• Add a widget
• Remove a widget

Dura Grid is a feature that provides home screen customization for apps and widgets, making them larger and easier to use when wearing various types of gloves.

Access Dura Grid

From the home screen, swipe left

Image 1

Add a widget

1. From the Dura Grid screen, select Add

Image 2

2. To add settings, select the CONTROLLER tab then select the desired setting.

Image 3

3. To add an app, select the APPS tab then select the desired app

Image 4

Remove a widget

From the Dura Grid screen, select EDIT. Select the remove Remove icon on the app you want to delete. When finished, select DONE

Image 5

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