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Learn how to multitask efficiently with additional windows over your main screen with QSlide.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access QSlide
• Resize app window
• Adjust window transparency
• Return to full screen mode or close an app window

Access QSlide

1. From the home screen, select an app that is supported by QSlide.

Note: QSlide appears in Calendar, Phone, Contacts, Email, File manager, Quick memo, and Contacts. For this tutorial, Calendar was selected.

Image 1

2. Select the menu icon Menu icon, then select QSlide. QSlide will then appear on your home screen. 

Image 2

Resize app window

Select and drag the lower right corner of the window to the desired size.

Image 3

Adjust window transparency

Select and drag the Transparency slider to the desired level to adjust the Transparency.

Image 4

Return to full screen mode or close an app window

Select the desired option

Image 5

FULL SCREEN: Select the Full screen icon to return the app to full screen.
CLOSE WINDOW: Select the Close icon to close the app window.

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