View & Manage Data
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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 (SM-R825U/SM-R835U)

View & Manage Data

Access Usage Manager to view data usage, set data limits, and see the apps using the most data.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• View data usage details
• Adjust cycle duration
• Reset data usage tracker
• Set data limit

View data usage details

1. From the clock screen, press the Power/Home button then double tap the  settings app Settings app
2. Scroll to and select Connections, then scroll to and select Data usage.
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3. Scroll to and select Usage details. Usage details will be displayed

image 2

Adjust cycle duration

 From the Data usage screen, scroll to and select Data usage cycle.

image 3

Reset data usage tracker

From the Data usage screen, scroll to and select Start date. Scroll to and select the desired date, then select Done

image 4

Set a data limit 

1. Scroll to and select the Data limit switch. Review the permissions and if you agree, select the Checkmark icon.

image 5

2. Select the desired data limit, then select Done. 

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