Keyboard & Typing
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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 (SM-R825U/SM-R835U)

Keyboard & Typing

Access keyboard settings, use swype, auto-complete suggestions, emojis, and speech-to-text.




In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access keyboard settings
• Write with handwriting
• Write with T9 Word
• Auto-complete suggestions
• Access emojis, speech-to-text & symbols

Access keyboard settings

When the keyboard is visible, swipe right then select the settings Settings icon. to access Keyboard settings. Keyboard settings allow you to change languages, keyboard height and layout, and adjust smart typing features. Adjust settings as desired. 

Note: To access keyboard settings outside of the keyboard screen, from the clock screen, press the Power/Home buttonsettings Settings appGeneralInput Keyboard settings

Step 1 

Write with handwriting

Draw the desired letter with your finger. The letter will appear at the top of the screen.

Note: You can only draw one letter at a time.

Step 2

Write with T9 Word

T9 ("Text on 9 keys") allows words to be entered by a single keypress for each letter, as opposed to the multi-select approach used in conventional mobile phone text entry, in which several letters are associated with each key, and selecting one letter often requires multiple keypresses. It combines the groups of letters on each device key with a dictionary of words. From the Handwriting keyboard, swipe right then select the keyboard icon. Select the desired key for each letter of the word. 

Step 3

Auto-complete suggestions

When typing a word, suggestions will appear at the top of the keyboard. Select the desired suggestion to enter it into the text field.

Note: Predictive text is disabled by default. To enable Predictive text, from the clock screen press the Power/Home buttonsettings Settings appGeneralInputKeyboard settingsSmart typingPredictive textPredictive text switch.

Step 4

Access emojis, speech-to-text & symbols

With the keyboard visible, swipe right then select the desired option.

Step 5

• KEYBOARD: Select the Keyboard icon.
 EMOJIS: Select the Emoji icon.
• NUMBERS: Select the Numbers icon
• SPEECH-TO-TEXT: Select the Microphone icon.
• SYMBOLS: Select the Symbols icon.
• HANDWRITING: Select the Handwriting icon

Note: In the Symbols keyboard, you can access additional symbols by selecting the 1/5 key.

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