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Advanced Photo & Video Features

Advanced Photo & Video Features

Learn how to access and use Camera modes, effects, customization, and crop a photo.


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To access the Camera, from the home screen select the camera app Camera app. To access the Camera app from the lock screen, select and drag the Camera icon up.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access camera modes
• Access camera filters
• Create and use custom filters
• Customize photo and video settings
• Turn shutter sound on/off
• Crop a photo


Access camera modes

1. From the Camera app, swipe left or right to access camera modes.

Image 1

2. To access additional camera modes such as Pro, Panorama and Hyperlapse, swipe left to MORE then select the desired option.

Note: Pro allows you to manually adjust settings such as ISO, shutter speed and exposure levels. Panorama allows you to create wider photos by stitching together multiple photos. Hyperlapse allows you to capture changes that happen slowly in a smooth time-lapse video.

Image 2


Access camera filters

Select the filters Filters icon then select the desired filter

Note: Filters are not available in some camera modes.

Image 3

Create and use custom filters

1. To create a custom filter based on a picture from your Gallery, select the filters icon Filters icon.

2. Select My filters, then select the Add icon.

Image 4

3. Navigate to and select the desired photo that you like the look of.

Image 5

4. Select Save filter. A custom filter will be created.

Image 6

5. To use custom filters, from the My filters screen select the desired custom filter then select the Capture icon.

Note: To change the intensity of the filter, select and drage the Intensity slider.

Image 7

Customize photo and video settings

From the Camera app, select the settings icon Settings icon then edit settings as desired.

Image 8

Turn shutter sound on/off

From the Camera settings screen, scroll to and select the Shutter sound switch.

Image 9

Crop a photo

1. From the Camera app, select the Gallery icon

Note: Alternately, from the home screen select the  Gallery app then navigate to and select the desired photo.

Image 10

2. Swipe left to the desired photo, then select the Edit icon.

Image 11

3. Select and drag the crop corners to crop as desired. Select Save when finished.

Image 12

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