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Stylus with Advanced UX
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Stylus with Advanced UX

Use Screen-off Memo, Pen Pop shortcuts, and more.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Write a screen-off memo
• Access Pen Pop shortcuts
• Edit Pen Pop shortcuts
• Access & edit pen settings

The LG Stylo™ 5+ comes with a pen. You can use the pen to interact with the device the same way you would use your finger.

Image 1

Write a screen-off memo

When the screen is off, remove the pen from the bottom right of the device. The Memo screen will appear. Use the pen to write the desired memo. Select the Checkmark icon when finished.

Note: To remove the pen, insert your fingernail into the notch on the bottom right of the device and pull the pen out.

Image 2

Access Pen Pop shortcuts

When the screen is on, remove the pen. The Pen Pop shortcut screen will appear. Select the desired option.

Note: If the stylus is already removed, you can select the Pen Pop icon in the top right part of the screen to access the Pen Pop shortcut screen. New Memo lets you quickly write a memo. GIF capture lets you capture a GIF and edit it with your stylus. Draw chat lets you draw an animated message that can be shared.

Image 3

Edit Pen Pop shortcuts

From the Pen Pop shortcut screen, select the settings Settings icon then select Pen Pop shortcut. Select the switch beside the desired shortcut to enable or disable it in the Pen Pop shortcut screen.

Note: You can have up to 5 items in the Pop Pop shortcut screen.

Image 4

Edit pen settings

Swipe down from the Notification bar > select the settings Settings icon > scroll to and select Extensions > Pen > edit settings as desired.

Note: Alternately, from the Pen Pop screen select the Settings icon

Image 5

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