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Mission Critical Push-to-Talk
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Samsung Galaxy XCover FieldPro (SMG889A)

Mission Critical Push-to-Talk

Use Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) to make and receive calls.


In this tutorial you'll learn how to:

• Download and access Mission Critical Push-to-Talk
• Create a contact
• Make a call
• In-call options
• End a call

Download and access Mission Critical Push-to-Talk

1. From the home screen, select the play Play Store app

2. Search for and select the AT&T Enhanced PTT app InstallOpen

Note: When prompted with allowances, select ALLOW to continue. 

Image 1

3. Review the End User License Agreement, then select the Checkmark icon. Review the Confirm activation prompt, then select Yes

Image 2

4. To view a tutorial onAT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk, select View Tutorial. To continue to the app without viewing the tutorial, select Skip Tutorial.

Note: For this demonstration, Skip Tutorial was selected. The tutorial can be viewed later in the AT&T Enahnced Push-to-Talk Settings. From the AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk app, select the menu Menu iconTutorial

Image 3

Create a contact

1. From the Contacts tab, select the add Add icon, then select New Contact.

Note: To import an already existing contact, select Import Contact then select the desired contact

Image 4

2. Enter the desired contact information, then select the Checkmark icon.

Image 5

Make a call

1. From the Contacts tab, select the desired contact to call. Press the MCPTT button and begin speaking to make a call. 

Image 6

2. While on a call, press and hold the MCPTT button while speaking to talk to the call recipient. The Microphone icon wil be highlighted with a blue background. When the call recipient is talking the Microphone icon will turn gray.

Image 7

In-call options

From the call screen, select the desired option:

Image 8

• TURN SPEAKER ON/OFF: Select the Speaker icon.
• SEND A MESSAGE: Select the Message icon then follow the prompts.
• SEND LOCATION: Select the Location icon then follow the prompts.
• SEND A PHOTO: Select the Camera icon then follow the prompts. 

End a call

Select the End call icon

Image 9

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