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Access the web, access or edit bookmarks, access tabs, and access browser settings.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access a browser
• Bookmark a site
• Access bookmarks
• Access, open and close browser tabs
• Access browser settings

Access a browser

1. From the home screen, select the Chrome app icon Chrome app.

Note: Upon first access, review the Welcome to Chrome prompt then select Terms of Service and Privacy Notice to review as desired. Select Accept & continue. Review the Sign in to Chrome prompt, then select Continue. If you do not wish to sign into Chrome, select No thanks.

2. To navigate to a website, select the Search field then enter the desired website. Select a Suggestion or the Arrow key.

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Bookmark a site

Select the menu Menu icon, then select the Bookmark icon

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Access bookmarks

Select the menu Menu icon, then select Bookmarks.

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Access, open and close browser tabs

From the browser screen, select the Tabs icon to access currently open tabs. Select the add Add icon to open a new tab. Select the remove X icon to close a tab.

Note: The number on the browser tab indicates the number of open tabs. Use Incognito tabs if you don't want the browser to save a record of what you visit and download. Browser history, cookies, and search history will be deleted after you've closed all of your Incognito tabs. From the Tabs screen, select the menu Menu icon then select New incognito tab. To close all tabs besides the one you are viewing, select the menu Menu icon then select Close all tabs.

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Access browser settings

Access your browser settings to clear browsing history, set a default homepage, adjust text size, block or unblock pop-ups, and change the default browser. Select the menu Menu icon, then scroll to and select Settings.

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