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Download Apps & Games

Learn how to download and manage items from the Play Store, including apps and games.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Download and Install an app
• Return an app
• Update an app
• Delete an app
• Reinstall an app

All steps below require the Play Store app to be open. From the home screen, select the Playstore app Play Store app.

Note: A Google account is required to access the Play Store. For more information or support, please see the Google Play Help site.

Download and install an app

1. Select the Search field. Enter the desired app name, then select a suggestion or the Search key.

Image 1

2. Select Install.

Image 2

3. A Download icon Downloading notification will appear in the Notification bar while the content is downloading.

4. To access the app after it has downloaded and installed, select Open.

Image 3

Return an app

Apps can be returned within 15 minutes of purchase. To return an app, select the Menu iconMy apps & games > desired app > Refund > Yes.

Update an app

1. Select the  Menu icon, then select My apps & games

Image 4

2. Select Update on the desired app to update. Select Update all to update all apps. 

Image 5

Uninstall an app

From the desired app in the Play Store, select Uninstall.

Reinstall an app

From the desired app in the Play Store, select Install then follow the on-screen prompts.

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