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Learn how to add your email accounts so you can read and send email on your device.


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If you have already set up an email account, visit the Email Settings tutorial to learn how to add email accounts, change incoming and outgoing server settings, email signature, sync frequency, and more.

1. From the home screen, select the outlook Outlook app.

Note: If you have an email account already set up and would like to add another, from the Outlook app select the home Home iconsettings icon Settings icon > ADD MAIL ACCOUNT > enter desired account information and follow the prompts. If multiple accounts are configured, select the home Home icon Settings icon > Default > desired account. The Home icon may be displayed as a different app icon if you are in a specific email inbox.

2. Select ADD ACCOUNT.

Image 1

3. Enter the desired Email address, then select CONTINUE.

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4. Enter your Account password, then select Sign in.

Note: If you would like to set up another account, select ADD. To continue without adding another email account, select MAYBE LATER. Review the Data privacy promt, then selct NEXT. Reivew the diagnostic and usage data prompt, then select ACCEPT or DECLINE. Review the Powering your Experiences promt, then select CONTINUE TO OUTLOOK. Swipe left to review the inbox tutorial then select the Checkmark icon, or select SKIP to go straight to your inbox.

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5. Your email account is now set up.

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