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LG V35 ThinQ (LM-V350)

Google Lens

Learn how to access, use, and adjust settings for Google Lens.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:

• Access Google Lens
• Use Google Lens

Access Google Lens

1. From the home screen, select the camera Camera app

2. Select the Google Lens icon

Note: Review the Welcome to Google Lens prompt, then select Got it to continue. Review the allowances then select the desired option

Image 1

Use Google Lens

Point the device's camera at an object or location, then select the desired Google Lens feature and follow the prompts. 

Image 2

AUTO SEARCH: Select the Auto search icon to search for similar objects or locations.
TRANSLATE: Select the Translate icon to translate text in the desired image.
TEXT: Select the Text icon to copy, save or search text in an image. •
SHOPPING: Select the Shopping icon to search for similar products, scan bar codes, or look up reviews.
DINING: Select the Dining icon to look up dishes on a menu and search restaurant reviews.

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