Activate Your Watch
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Activate Your Watch

Activate your device on the cellular network using Bluetooth or a QR code.

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This tutorial covers the cellular setup activation process for devices that have already completed the initial setup process but did not complete cellular activation via a QR activation code. If you have not completed the initial setup process, see Device setup. To activate AT&T NumberSyncSM on your device, visit the AT&T NumberSync tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Use Bluetooth to activate device
• Use a QR code to activate device

Use Bluetooth to activate device

1. From the clock screen, press the Home button then select the settings Settings app

2. Scroll to and select Connections, then select Bluetooth

step 1

3. Select the Bluetooth switch to turn Bluetooth on.

Note: To optimize battery life, turn Bluetooth off when not in use. 

step 2

4. To connect to a device, from the Bluetooth screen, select Bluetooth audio. The device will automatically scan for devices. Select the desired device

step 3

When Bluetooth is on the bluetooth Bluetooth icon will display in the Moments bar

Use a QR code to activate device

1. From your paired device, navigate to the wear Galaxy Wearable app

2. Select the Home tab, then scroll to and select Mobile plans

step 4

3. Select Use code

step 5

4. Point the camera at the QR code to scan it. 

step 6

5. Select Use plan

step 7

6. Select Done

step 8

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