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Learn how to set up and access SOS on the device.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Set up SOS
• Use SOS

Set up SOS

1. From your paired device, navigate to and select the wear Galaxy Wearable app.

2. Select the Home tab, then scroll to and select SOS.
step 1

3. Select the Send SOSes switch to place it in the On position. 

step 2

4. Review the Terms and conditions, then select Agree to continue. 

step 3

5. Select the desired Add emergency contact option, then select the desired contact.

Note: For this tutorial, Select from contacts was chosen. 

step 4

6. From the Send SOS request screen, select the Make SOS calls to switch then select the desired contact

step 5


Quickly press the Home button three times. 

step 6

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