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PPT Controller

Learn how to use PPT controller on the watch to manage a slideshow.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:

• Access PPT Controller
• Use PPT Controller
• Access PPT Controller settings

Access PPT Controller

1. From the clock screen press the Home button then navigate to and select the PPT Controller app

Image 1

2. Select the desired device to connect to, then select Connect. Select the checkmark Checkmark icon to pair the watch to your computer.

Image 2

Use PPT Controller

1. Select the Play icon to begin the slideshow, or select Touchpad to use your watch screen as a cursor. 

Image 3

2. Select the Forward icon to scroll forward through slides. To access more options, swipe up.

Image 4

3. Select the Back icon to scroll back through slides. Select the Stop icon to stop the presentation. 

Image 5

Access PPT Controller settings

Select the dots Menu icon. Adjust settings as desired.

Image 6

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