View & Manage Data
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View & Manage Data

Access Usage Manager to view data usage, set data limits, and see the apps using the most data.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• View data usage details
• Adjust cycle duration
• Reset data usage tracker
• Set data limit

View data usage details

1. From the clock screen, press the Home button then select the  settings app Settings app
2. Scroll to and select Connections, then scroll to and select Mobile networks.
image 1

3. Scroll to and select Data usage, then scroll to and select Usage details. Data usuage will be displayed.

image 2

Adjust cycle duration

 From the Data usage screen, scroll to and select Data usage cycle.

image 3

Reset data usage tracker

From the Data usage screen, scroll to and select Start date. Set the date as desired, then select Done

image 4

Set a data limit 

1. Scroll to and select the Data limit switch. Review the permissions and if you agree, select the checkmark Checkmark icon.

image 5

2. Select the desired data limit, then select Done

image 6

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