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Bixby Routine

Bixby Routine

Learn how to use Bixby Routines to make changes to settings based off your use patterns.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access Bixby Routines
• Add a routine
• Disable or enable a routine
• Delete a routine
• Access Bixby Routine settings


Access Bixby Routines

1. Swipe down from the Notification bar, then select the settings icon Settings icon. Scroll to and select Advanced features

Image 1

2. Scroll to and select Bixby Routines.

Image 2

Add a routine

1. Select the Add routine tab.

Image 3

2. Select the Add icon under If to add a trigger to the routine.

Image 4

3. Select the desired trigger.

Note: For this tutorial, Time period was selected.

Image 5

4. Edit settings as desired, then select Done.

Image 6

5. Select the Add icon under Then to select what the routine will do.

Note: To add another trigger, select the add Add icon under If and follow the prompts. To remove a trigger, select the dnd Remove icon

Image 7

6. Select the desired category.

Image 8

7. Select the desired action.

Image 9

8. Edit settings as desired. Select Done when finished.

Image 10

9. When finished, select Next.

Image 11

10. Enter the desired Routine name, then select Done.

Image 12

Disable or enable a routine

1. When a routine is created, it is automatically enabled. To disable a routine, select the desired routine.

Image 13

2. Select the Menu icon More icon, then select Disable this routine.

Note: You will be prompted to select Disable to confirm.

Image 14

3. To re-enable a routine, select the desired disabled routine.

Image 15

4. Select Turn on.

Image 16

Delete a routine

Select and hold the desired routine, then select the menu Delete icon. Select Delete again to confirm.

Image 17

Access Bixby Routine settings

1. Select the menuy Menu icon, then select Settings.

Image 18

2. Edit settings as desired. 

Image 19

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