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Create memos with text, drawings, images, video and more using QuickMemo+.

Prenote info
QuickMemo+ allows you to create a memo or note on a blank screen with the ability to choose paper color, pencil size, color, add text and more.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access QuickMemo+
• Create a memo
• Add a reminder
• Add a location

Access QuickMemo+

From the home screen, swipe left twice then select the Essentials folder. Select the QuickMemo+ app.

Note: First-time users will be prompted to read Terms of Use for LG apps. Select Agree to continue. You can then select a Google account to sync with or select Cancel to continue without syncing.

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Create a memo

1. Select the add icon Add icon to create a new memo.

Note: If prompted, review the QuickMemo+ prompt then select OK.

2. To change the paper color, select the menu icon Menu icon then select Paper color. Select the desired option, then select OK.

Image 2

3. Select the desired option.

Image 3

ADD TEXT: Select the Text icon then enter the desired text. 
DRAW: To draw on the screen, select the Pencil icon. Double-tap the Pencil icon to customize the pencil. 
ERASE: To erase unwanted writing, select the Eraser icon. Double-tap the Eraser icon to customize the eraser.
UNDO AN ACTION: To undo an action, select the Undo icon.
REDO AN ACTION: To redo an action, select the Redo icon.
SAVE: To save the memo, select the Checkmark icon.

Add a reminder

Select the desired memo > Add reminder > Time > enter the desired date > select OK > enter the desired time > select OK.

Note: To add a location-based reminder, from the desired memo select Add reminder > Location > enter the desired location > select the Done key > desired location.

Image 4

Add location

From the desired memo, select Location. The location will automatically be populated.

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