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Take a Picture

Take a Picture

Learn how to take a picture, use the front and rear camera, switch between camera and modes, and more.



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For technical details about your camera, visit the Specifications tutorial
In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Switch between front and rear camera
• Focus the camera
• Zoom in and out
• Take a photo
• Use Night Vision
• Use Macro Vision
• Use AI Shot Optimization to suggest modes

This tutorial requires you open the Camera app.  To access the camera from the home screen, select the camera app Camera app.

Switch between front and rear cameras

Select the Switch camera icon.

Image 1

Focus the camera

Select the desired area of the photo you wish to focus on. A circle will appear when the area is selected.

Image 2


Zoom in and out

Move two fingers apart towards the edge of the screen to zoom in. Move two fingers inward towards the middle of the screen to zoom out.

Note: Zoom out all the way to 0.5X to capture Ultra-wide angle photos and videos.

Image 3



Take a photo

Select the Capture icon.

Note: Alternately, you can take a picture by pressing one of the Volume buttons

Image 4



Use Night Vision

Night Vision automatically enhances brightness in low light. From the Camera screen, swipe left then select Night Vision

Image 5



Use Macro Vision

Macro Vision allows you to take close up images of small objects. From the Camera screen, select the Macro icon

Image 6



Use AI Shot Optimization to suggest modes

Shot Optimization will suggest camera modes based off an analysis of the scene. To turn Shot Optimization on or off, select the settings Settings icon then scroll to and select the Shot Optimization switch.

Imge 7 

When taking a photo, Shot Optimization may suggest using a different camera mode. To switch camera modes, select the notification

Image 8

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