Samsung SmartThings
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Samsung SmartThings

Learn how to use Samsung SmartThings to connect to and control a wide range of devices.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


• Access Samsung SmartThings

• Add a device to Samsung SmartThings

• Edit Samsung SmartThings settings


Access Samsung SmartThings

1. Navigate to and select the smartthings SmartThings app.


2. Review the SmartThings prompt, then select Continue


Note: To access Samsung SmartThings, you must first be signed into your Samsung account. If you have not already signed into your Samsung account, you will be greeted with a Sign in screen upon initial access of Samsung SmartThings. Select Get started then enter your account information > review the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as desired. 


Image 1


3. Review the SmartThings permissions prompt, then select Continue.


Image 2

Add a device to Samsung SmartThings

1. Select the Devices tab, then select Add device.


Image 3


2. Select the desired method to add a device, then follow the prompts.


Image 4


3. To add a device manually, select the menu  Menu icon. Then select View supported devices.


Image 5   

 4. Scroll to and select the corresponding device type, then follow the prompts to complete set up. 


Image 6


Edit Samsung SmartThings settings

1. From the SmartThings screen, select the menu Menu icon, then select the settings Settings icon


2. Edit settings as desired. 


Image 7

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