Advanced Photo & Video Features
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Advanced Photo & Video Features

Learn how to access and use Camera modes, effects, customization, and crop a photo.


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To access the Camera, from the home screen, select the camera app Camera app. You can also press the Power/Lock button twice or swipe up from the camera app Camera icon on the lock screen.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access camera modes and filters
• Customize photo and video settings
• Turn shutter sound on/off
• Crop a photo


Access camera modes and filters

1. From the Camera app, swipe left to MORE to access modes such as Pro and Panorama

Note: Pro allows you to manually adjust settings such as ISO, White Balance and exposure levels. Panorama allows you to create wider photos by stitching together multiple photos.

Image 1

2. To access filters, select the Filters icon then select the desired filter

Note: Filters are not available in some camera modes.

Image 2

Customize photo and video settings

From the Camera app, select the settings icon Settings icon then edit settings as desired.

Image 3

Turn shutter sound on/off

From the Camera settings screen, scroll to and select the Shutter sound switch.

Image 4

Crop a photo

1. From the Camera app, select the Gallery icon. Swipe left to the desired photo, then select the Edit icon.

Note: Alternately, from the home screen, select the  Gallery app then navigate to and select the desired photo.

Image 5

2. Select and drag the crop corners to crop as desired, then select Save.

Image 6

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