Keep track of all the things you need to know like due dates and locations.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access reminders
• Set a reminder
• View, edit and delete reminders
• Dismiss a reminder

Access reminders

Swipe up from the bottom of the clock screen to access the Apps tray, then scroll to and select the reminder app Reminder app.

Set a reminder

1. Select the Add icon.

Image 1

2. Select the desired search method. Say, write or enter the desired reminder, then select the Checkmark icon.

Note: For this tutorial, the Microphone icon was selected.

Image 2

3. To add a time, select Set time

Note: To save the reminder without setting a time, select Save.

Image 3

4. Select the desired time, then select Next. Adjust settings as desired, then select Done

Image 4

5. When finished, select Save

Image 5

View, edit and delete reminders

VIEW: From the Reminder app, select the desired reminder to view the reminder. 

Image 6

EDIT: From the desired reminder, scroll to and select Edit time then edit the reminder as desired. When finished, select Done to save changes.

Image 7

DELETE: From the Reminder app, select and hold the desired reminder then select Delete.

Image 8

Dismiss a reminder

1. At the time of the reminder, you will receive a notification. From the clock screen, swipe right to access notifications.

Image 9

2. Select the reminder notification, then select Complete to dismiss. 

Image 10

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